Find answers, I must

‘Lord Vader?’ ‘Yes Master?’ ‘Rise.’

As I’m writing this, millions are queuing outside local cinemas around the world, to catch the final installment of the Star Wars Saga. In a rare occurrence for the prequels, reviews have generally favourable too. I’m excited. But after recently watching the original trilogy again, plus Episodes I and II on the weekend, there are a few plot points I hope Mr Lucas will clear up in Episode III. If anyone out there can enlighten me on any of these, please do not hesitate. It’s keeping me up at night.

  1. What exactly happens to Jedis when they die? Why do some vanish, while others’ bodies remain? During the battle on Geonosis, there were several dead Jedi bodies lying on the ground after being struck. There was even a shot of Obi-Wan checking the pulse of one of the fallen. Qui-Gon Jin didn’t vanish when he was killed be Darth Maul, and was cremated; as was Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in Episode VI. Yet, when Obi-Wan was struck down by Vader in Episode IV, he vanished, as did Yoda when he died.
  2. Who exactly was Obi-Wan’s master? In Episode V, while unconscious in the ice cave on Hoth, Luke hears Obi-Wan’s voice telling him to seek out Yoda, the Jedi who trained him. Yet Obi-Wan was obviously Qui-Gon Jin’s apprentice.
  3. Does Anakin Skywalker have a father? We first hear that he didn’t have a father; that the midi-chlorians created him. But in Episode II, Anakin bitterly described the way he was being treated by Obi-Wan as ‘He’s just like my father’.
  4. Princess Leia and the force. Darth Vader described Luke as a disturbance in the force’. Given that Leia is Luke’s sister, why wasn’t Vader able to sense a strong force from her after she was captured and tortured?
  5. R2D2 and C3PO: How come neither of them recognised Tatooine when their escape pod crashed there? R2 first visited Tatooine on Queen Amidala’s ship, while C3PO was created there. Both of them would also surely know who Luke’s real father is. Do they have their memories erased somewhere between Episodes III and IV? Even so, why didn’t Luke’s uncle and aunt recognise C3PO after purchasing them from the Jawa traders? C3PO was working for them after Anakin’s mother was sold to Lars Owen.

That’s it for now. I feel like a such a Star Wars nerd. Actually, a Star Wars nerd wannabe; because I wouldn’t have to ask these questions if I was a true Star Wars nerd. Have a nice day. May 19 5:00pm Update: Just got home after seeing Revenge of the Sith. I can say that only question 5 was partially answered. Oh, and how was the movie? Three words: Fan-fucking-tastic.


6 Responses to Find answers, I must

  1. JingleBells says:

    oh oh oh! I think your first question MAY have been solved! see this arvo i went with a coupla friends to see it (it was awesome!), oh that includes wayland by the way. and after our post-movie discussion, here’s our hypothesis:

    the jedi that “vanish” are those who’ve learnt to “come back from the dead”. You know, those “super” jedis that after they die, their spirits can still communicate with the living. like qui-gon. who then taught yoda. who then taught obi-wan. or was it in another order? and of course anakin learns how to do this through the forces of the DARK SIDE. so er, just to try and make what i mean clearer: basically the jedi that can come back after they die (like anakin and obiwan in ep6 when talking to luke) are those that “disappear” when they die!

    So what do you think? of course to refine our hypothesis we’ll have to re-view the originals in the hols i reckon.

    ok ok must cut down length of my comments so wl stops accusing me of STALKING you. Which i DON’T. and i have NO INTENTION of doing so. honest.

    May the force be with you!

  2. Wayland says:

    My knowledge of episodes IV, V and VI is atrocious, but with my limited knowledge, I’d say that Anakin did have a father, but that over the years all those who knew him died etc, and he had lots of hype built up around him since he was so powerful. What I’m getting at (in a roundabout way) is that perhaps his being created by midichlorians is a myth. Otherwise you’d expect his mother (or should i say “mother”) to have said something…

    And is the force as strong in Leia as it is in Luke? Also, I was under the impression that some Jedi masters gave training to the general (Jedi) public, like that scene in Episode II where Yoda is training a whole bunch of younglings.

    Now I have some questions…who or what is Yoda exactly? Why aren’t there any other really old, short and green aliens around? And, wasn’t the reason they filmed 4,5 and 6 first because the technology in the future was inferior to that before the war? Or something? If this is the case, when or how did all that technology get wiped out?

  3. JingleBells says:

    me and celina were actually discussing the identity of yoda yesterday. and yeah, it doesn’t make much sense especially now we know where all the wookies are/were from. So, knowing Yoda is some sort of green alien, where ARE all those other aliens like him? perhaps they also suffered a fate similar to that of the wookies?

    anyway, I actually have a question of my own too – how come padme died during childbirth? doesn’t leia have to have at least met her mother at an age when she could remember things? cos in ep 6 doesn’t luke (after finding out she’s his sister) ask her about her mother? to which she replied “she was very beautiful but always kind of sad” or something along those lines.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Wow, Star Wars geek convention! 😀

    Jing – Qui-Gon Jin didn’t vanish! He got burned by Darth Maul, even though he’ll go on to teach Yoda.

    Wayland – In Episode I, when Qui-Gon asked Anakin’s mother who his father was, she said he ‘didn’t have father’. We also found out in Episode III that those who are strong in the Dark Side can also use the force to create life… I’m guessing maybe Palpatine planned for what was to happen to Anakin all along? But still, doesn’t really explain why Anakin refered to his father in Ep II.

    Yes, I think the force is as strong in Leia as in Luke. In Episode V (or VI?), Yoda says – ‘He (Luke) is our last chance’, to which the voice of Obi-Wan replies – ‘No, there is another’. I’d imagine he’s referring to Leia.

    With Jedi training – I think younglings are all trained together, but by the time they reach padawan age (many would’ve probably failed/given up by now), they all get an individual master. Anakin must have been a ‘special case’, and was trained by Obi-Wan from the start.

    No one knows what Yoda is, but in Episode I, there is another of Yoda’s race sitting on the Jedi Council. She (I think it’s a she, she had long blonde hair) wasn’t there in Episode II or III.

    And no, I don’t the think there was a technology wipe out :p The reason Episodes IV V and VI were filmed first is because we didn’t have the technology during the 70s and 80s to film the first trilogy. The scenes on Coruscant would’ve been impossible. Plus, it’s a lot more interesting this way, not really knowing that Vader is Luke’s father until midway through Episode V.

    Jing – Good point. Although Leia’s description could have been about her adopted mother? Or maybe Natalie Port…I mean, Padme, was described to her when she was young?

  5. Wayland says:

    Another Yoda-ian with long blonde hair? Hahaha, this I have to check out! Next time episode I comes on TV that is…

    Good points Jimmy. Maybe Obi-Wan was first trained by Yoda, but later was adopted by Qui-Gon because Yoda had other duties to attend to?

    Incidentally, I did a bit of random searching, and Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen were actually born in the same year (1981) and Hayden is a few months older too. I thought Padme was meant to be at least 10 years older than Anakin. Talk about choice of actors in terms of age.

  6. Jimmy says:

    If I remember correctly, Padme was suppose to be 14 during Episode I and Anakin was 10. So four years difference, not that bad I suppose.

    Either way, I’d still go Natalie Portman if I was 10.

    And oh – I found a link to Yaddle, the other Yoda-ian 😉

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