Ever wonder why BA students get paid out by everyone else?

I present the latest research project being undertaken by the University of Queensland’s Centre for the History of European Discourses:

The Anal Imagination: Psychoanalysis, Capitalism and Excretion, By Dr Alison Moore.

I kid you not.

Some quotes from the abstract

…the acrobatic farting routine of Joseph Pujol at the Moulin Rouge in 1890s provoked a nervous laughter of a kind altogether unique to late modern capitalism…

…In the time span from the music of Mozart played in the courts of Europe to the melodious virtuosity of the Pétomane, something had changed in what the anus was understood to symbolise…

…The Anal Imagination examines Freud’s vision of anality as the key to money-orientated bourgeois class identification, in light of a broader history of excretion and consumption in nineteenth-century Europe…

…The Anal Imagination proposes that the bANALlity with which the subjects of excrement and chocolate history are often approached is itself indicative of a nervous avoidance that is testimony to the psychoANALytic metaphors presented in this book.

I did not change the capitalisation. ^

I would be interested in finding out how big her research grant was.

But hey, at least she has a sense of humour.

Have a nice day.


2 Responses to Ever wonder why BA students get paid out by everyone else?

  1. Wayland says:

    BA could stand for “bullshit artist”.

  2. Jimmy says:


    Or perhaps in this case – Bachelor of Arse.

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