There’s something I’ve been giving a bit of thought to over the last few days (when I say days, I mean years). Why do women have breasts? And given that they do have breasts, why do men find them so attractive? The answer to the first question is very much related to the second one, in that women have breasts because men find them attractive. Hear me through – Due to millions of years of evolution, an organisms’ attributes are present because those attributes give that organism some survival advantage. Take a giraffe’s height, a polar bear’s fur, a human brain or opposable thumb, for example. But why breasts? These are nothing but large lumps of redundant fatty tissue, which must be a significant survival disadvantage for women. Most other animals, including male humans, distribute fat more evenly as to not upset the balance of the creature. There’s a very good reason why women wear bras when playing sport. Are they only there for suckling of their young? The mammary glands only make up a small fraction of the overall breast tissue. In addition, all other mammals only develop breasts towards the end of pregnancy and are only temporaries until the young are old enough. Why were human females designed differently? A clue may lie in the peacock’s feathers. In this case, a preference has been established for males with large and colourful tails. The females are simply more likely to choose mates with the generous plumage. In effect the males have tails because the females of the species prefer them. Once the trend has been established, the females prefer the characteristic because they will have sons with that characteristic, which will in turn be successful because other females will prefer them and so on. So too, it seems that breasts have evolved because men prefer women with breasts. So the reason why women have breasts is for the attraction to men. If any feminist-nazis start to cry foul and believe they can reverse millions of years of evolution, it shows that perhaps logic wasn’t a feature of their design either. This theory may also partly explain why the human male has the largest penis size-to-body ratio in the animal kingdom. Although I’d rather not think about that one. This leads me back to the second question: Why do men find breasts attractive? I’m up for suggestions.


2 Responses to Breasts

  1. XmarkX says:

    you’ve failed to answer your original question about why men find women’s breasts so attractive. It seems to boil down to ‘because they’ve evolved to’ – but why? Why have women evolved breasts and men evolved to like them? I don’t think other apes have them, so it must be something really specific.
    Indeed, I’m not even sure it’s a universal human thing. Breast sizes vary quite a lot across the human population, and not all cultures have a lot of large-breasted women or value large breasts. Compare this to women having a high hip to waist ratio, which is cross-culturally attractive. In fact, maybe the breast attractiveness is tied up with the small-waist attractiveness – but where the hell does that come from?

  2. jambomb says:

    hasta la vista baby!

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