Political compass

Came across a nifty quiz-ma-bob thing today. You answer a few dozen straight-forward questions on issues such as globalisation, national identity cards, pornography etc and it maps out where you sit on the political spectrum. Give it a go yourself.

My scores:
Economics Left/Right: 4.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.46

This puts me on the ‘Libertarian Right’/classical liberal end of the compass which for people who know me shouldn’t be a surprise. What is surprising though (and a bit disappointing) is the general lack of politicians and political parties in Australia (and indeed the world, if the above diagram is any indication) which also adopt this view; basically the idea that a good society is one where its people are free to pursue their own ends without interference from government.

There have been parties in the past which have tried to fill this vacuum in the centre of Australian politics. The Australian Democrats probably being the only ones with any ‘success’ as such, although they have since moved significantly to the left. Today, classical liberalism in Australia is left up to Meg Lees’ ill-fated Australian Progressive Alliance, the Liberal Democratic/Fishing/Shooters/Outdoor Recreation/Free Marijuana Party(s) (none of which have ever even come close to winning a seat in any state or federal election), and perhaps a handful of current Liberal and Labor Right politicians (Malcolm Turnbull springs to mind).

I reckon there is a significant proportion of Australians who are genuine classical liberals, but have become disillusioned by the Liberal Party and John Howard’s conservative doctrine. There currently isn’t really a political force to represent them. If one of the parties listed above, or even a newly formed party (I’m looking at you, Louie :p ), is able to achieve a decent amount of publicity before the next election, they will be able to woo a significant number of voters away from the Liberals and to a lesser extent Labor. And it is certainly possible. Remember One Nation?


2 Responses to Political compass

  1. Wayland says:

    Economic Left/Right: -3.13
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.26

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