And make sure it’s a Pepsi Max!

An interesting thing happened at work yesterday. I overheard a customer order herself three large pizzas and a 1.25 litre Pepsi. Ok, so nothing out of the ordinary so far, but before I go on, I should probably mention that this customer looked very adept at all things gastronomic (ie. fat). Again, nothing extraordinary, apart from the fact that after ordering herself two Barbeque Meatlovers and a Meat Supreme, she then asked for a Pepsi Max and, with a perfectly straight face, said to ‘make sure it’s a Pepsi Max, I’m trying to cut down on the fat’. Now I’m not one to prejudge, but this woman is both fat and stupid. Of course, you often see people doing similar things at places such as McDonalds or Hungry Jacks, but sometimes you just have to stare and wonder. What strikes me about this particular customer though was that she seemed completely oblivious to the fact that: 1. If you’re serious about losing weight, pizzas aren’t exactly going to be your best friends, and 2. Especially not one’s with barbeque sauce and five types of meat on them. A similar thing happened during a delivery a few months ago. The customer was again, a rather avoirdupois woman. After telling her the cost of her order, she let out a sigh as she reached for her wallet, and said jovially something along the lines of, ‘I spend a lot of my income on you guys’. I was about to be a smart-arse and respond ‘It shows’, before realising it probably wouldn’t be a good idea.


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