Tempermant Test

Here’s another quiz thing to kill some time, this time from the good people at PTypes (a really interesting site in itself). Seems like I’ve got a rationalist or ‘choleric’ temperment. Never really knew what rationalism had to do with cholera, but meh. Tempermant (Score) Idealist (8) Rationalist (15) Traditionalist (3) Hedonist (4)


One Response to Tempermant Test

  1. JingleBells says:

    Idealist 13
    Rationalist 5
    Traditionalist 5
    Hedonist 7

    Idealistic, that I could have guessed but my god! Why am I so Hedonistic??!

    Oh and by the way, in case you’ve forgotten…I’m that friend of Wayland’s that likes to stalk you or something according to him (rubbish, rubbish I tell you).

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