Hot or Not

Jessica Alba reckons she’s not hot. Kate from Big Brother reckons she’s too hot. Now Jessica Alba is someone who I would like to see in the Big Brother House. Or in my house, for that matter.


2 Responses to Hot or Not

  1. Wayland says:

    I wouldn’t mind it if Jessica Alba decided to drop into my place either…

    I didn’t know she was half-latino. I don’t know what her background was before…perhaps I was too distracted by her other features…

    Anyway, I reckon you’d have to be pretty full of yourself to go into those Big Brother (a.k.a. Big Bogan) houses. They have no shame! Look no further than the uncut version for damning proof of that…

  2. Jimmy says:

    They are a bunch of horrible egotistic self indulging wankers in the house this year aren’t they?

    Tim’s prolly the only decent one, and it looks like he’ll win. Even though he’s a Gough Whitlam-worshiping feral.

    Oops, I mean, I don’t watch Big Brother at all…

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