These (lethargic) Days

Readers may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging very much recently. Eleven days without a post, I think that’s a record.

There are obvious (and some not so obvious) reasons for this:

  1. Uni has started again with classes every day, working all weekend, so not much time for blogging (I think most of us can relate to this, except for them BArts types and their five-day weekends).
  2. I’ve started contributing to Wikipedia, as perhaps a substitute for blogging, after the shock horror of finding out that they did NOT have an article on the Dawkins Revolution. Well, they do now 😉
  3. No time, with uni and all. Oh wait, I’ve already mentioned this.

So that’s pretty much it. Most future posts won’t be the usual ranting and raving dogmatic diatribe, but probably just short comments on news events and stuff that I find amusing, and that don’t take up too much time to blog down.


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