Google Purge

August 31, 2005

Just as I thought! The great Google Purge is upon us! Let me be the first to say ‘Welcome!’ To our new Google Overlords.


A new team to call their own

August 30, 2005

Brisbane-ites know a sporting bandwagon when they see one. Back in the 80s, it was Leyroy Loggins and the Bullets carving it up at Boondall. The early 90s saw the rise of the Broncos as yuppies flocked to ANZ Stadium. Then for a relatively short period in the late 90s came the Queensland Reds. The Queensland Bulls have always been successful, but no one really took notice. Most recently, it’s been the Brisbane Lions that have galvanised the Brisbane sporting public, with three consecutive AFL Flags from 2001-2003.

Now that the Lions have become shit, the Broncos can’t seem to play when it matters let alone having a dozen top players injured, the people realising that the Reds were always shit, and no one knowing anything about the Bullets anymore, the time is nigh for new bandwagon the Brisbane public have been craving to jump on.

Of course, I’m talking about the Hyundai A-League which kicked off during the weekend. Over 20,000 people saw Queensland Roar (the worst name for a soccer club in history) defeat the New Zealand Knights 2-zip. I’ll definitely be attending a few more matches as the season progresses. Hell, I’ve even bought a jersey already.

Of course, all this will likely come to nothing if Australia fails to qualify for next year’s World Cup, and we Brisbane-ians have to find another sport to make ourselves feel important. Table tennis, anyone?

Next phase of the War on Terror!

August 29, 2005

Liberal has-been Bronwyn Bishop wants to ban Muslim girls from wearing hijabs in schools. The line of thinking behind this is flawless: Girls wearing hijabs in schools = multiculturalism = cultural divisiveness = breeding ground for extremist thoughts = Islamic Fundamentalism = men blowing up buses = TERRORISM! We must ban girls from wearing hijabs! Not doing so would be giving in to the terrorists!

Always bat first

August 26, 2005

Cricket tragic I may be, I’ve always believed that the team winning the toss should always bat first, no matter how bad the pitch conditions may be, in the hope that the opposition will have to chase a reasonable total in the 4th innings on an uneven and turning 4th/5th day wicket (there’s a very good reason why teams rarely score over 300 runs in the final innings). On a side note, had Ricky Ponting sent England in in the previous two tests (on very good batting surfaces too), the results could’ve been a lot different. I’d be very interested to see if anyone’s actually sorted through the stats, and if the team which wins the toss and chooses to bat actually does or does not win more often. Of course, you would have to also take into account the relative strengths and weaknesses of both sides – Bangladesh is never going to beat Australia in a test batting first or second. Hell, if I have any time this weekend, might even do it myself.


August 25, 2005

Is Google secretly trying to take over the world, one bit at a time? A beta version of Google Talk, their instant messaging/voip program, has just been added to the empire. It doesn’t really include any features we haven’t seen before; a future tie in with Picasa, or Blogger would be nice. Don’t think I’ll be switching over from MSN Messenger just yet; Hotmail still dominates email scene, despite Gmail’s inroads.

Won’t be long until we have:

  • Google Television
  • Google OS
  • Google Electricity
  • Google Food
  • University of Google
  • Google People Search
  • Google Pizza
  • Google Water
  • Google Music
  • Google Cars
  • Google Oxygen
  • Google Police
  • Google Buildings

The one that did get away

August 19, 2005

What an ironic way to die.

Evangelical students

August 18, 2005

Fellow University of Queensland students may have noticed the ‘Student Life Survey – Win a plasma TV’ link when they logged on to my.UQ during the past week or so. Links on the my.UQ site are usually reserved for news such as when fees are due or exam timetables, but obviously not this time. Student Life is one of the many evangelical students’ clubs on campus (off the top off my head, I can think of four others, plus that wierd dude who gives sermons on the Great Court every Friday) whose goal is to spread the word of God on campus. They hand out leaflets, pin posters, leave pamphlets on tables, chalk footpaths, and most recently, got the UQ admin to give their survey a free plug on my.UQ. This survey worries me. I’m not just talking about the fact UQ condoned such a survey made by an evangelical students’ group (I’ll get on to that later), but what struck me first was the complete bullshited-ness of the survey questions. Have a look at them yourself. Such gems include:

If you could ask God one question, what would it be? How did we get here? Do you believe Jesus Christ is relevant in answering these questions? Why?

And my favourite:


If you could have a personal relationship with God, would you want to? Why / Why not?

Did it not occur to Student Life that a significant number of people find the idea of a higher order deity absurd? Or even that some may find the questions offensive? I would like to see how they would react to a survey which asks them for their thoughts on the role of Mohammed in their lives, or which animal they think they’ll be reincarnated as. Of course, you do expect this kind of crap from an evangelical group. But for the University of Queensland to endorse and promote such a club and their survey is pretty disturbing.

Although, the prospect of winning a plasma tv is tempting, even if it does mean lying a bit.

Update: It seems I wasn’t the only one not very happy with UQ; they have since taken the link down.