The day the music died

A few months ago, I nearly spewed when I heard that Crazy Frog Axel F had reached no.1 in the UK Singles Chart. I hoped that this would never happen in Australia. Even when it did happen last week, I hoped that it would just be a passing fad. Alas, Crazy Frog is currently sitting on top of the ARIA Singles charts for the second consecutive week, and sales are going strong as ever. And along with that, I may have finally lost hope. I guess you could say that popular music has been dying for the better part of a decade now. Even so, Crazy Frog deserves credit for single handedly destroying what little credibility pop music ever had left. Make no mistake, Crazy Frog is not on par with your typical commercialised manufactured crap. It’s not even below commercialised manufactured crap. To even mention Crazy Frog and commercialised manufactured crap in the same sentence is an insult to all the hard-working decent-looking commercialised manufactured craps of the world. It’s all over people! We don’t have a prayer!


19 Responses to The day the music died

  1. Wayland says:

    I like the wording of your last sentence (before the Simpsons reference).

    Well, I was watching Today Tonight the other day, and they said that the ARIA Singles charts base their ranking of singles by how many CDs are made and distributed to shops. So, the more CDs you can distribute, the higher the ranking of that song. Apparently it has nothing to do with sales or popularity at all.

    But yes, the Crazy Frog has got to be the most annoying naked blue animal that has ever set foot on this planet. Does anyone actually download those stupid ringtones? I’m yet to hear anyone’s phone ring with what’s supposedly the most popular ringtone around.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Yeah, I haven’t heard it on anyone’s ringtone either. If it is indeed the most popular ringtone around, doesn’t it then kind of defeat the purpose of having a ringtone? I mean, if they all sound the same… 😉

    I didn’t see story on TT, but from what I gather, they’re implying that anyone can have a hit single if they distribute enough copies, right?

    Well, no music retailer is going to purchase music from a distributor unless they know people will buy it, ie. it will be popular.

    So it’s not really 100% true to say that the charts have nothing to do with popularity.

    Talking to some workmates today, and they love Crazy Frog. Idiots.

  3. Wayland says:

    I think that a lot of people claim to ‘like’ Crazy Frog simply because the marketing campaign for it makes it seem as if a lot of people do indeed like it. After all, if people think that something is popular, then who are they to go against apparent conformity? Not many people enjoy being isolated, and many more probably feel insecure of their place in society. So if being accepted means selling your soul to the Devil, then so be it.

    On the other hand, some people might just like that kind of ‘music’. Even if an acephalous fetus can achieve the same thing, probably with better results.

    I didn’t think of that point about popularity Jimmy. I should have known better, given those kind of shows’ infamacy for selective reporting.

  4. davechuck says:

    hmm.. Crazy Frog.. very annoying, very stupid. so ofcourse its going to sell!

  5. XmarkX says:

    1. the low level of singles sales in general now make it relatively easy to have a hit.

    2. who the hell are you to complain about commercialised crap? I seem to remember you saying positive things about Coldplay in relation to Live8.

  6. Jimmy says:

    Mate, surely you can differentiate between those who achieve commercial success through years of hard work, and those who achieve insta-succuess via the manufactured route.

    There’s a good reason why people will still be listening to Coldplay ten years from now. The same can’t be said for fucking Casey Donovan and co.

  7. XmarkX says:

    well, I was kind of joking, but didn’t flag that I was. Still, personally I’d rather listen to the Crazy Frog than Coldplay.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Now I do hope you’re joking :p

  9. XmarkX says:

    hey, btw, how does this criticism of commercialised music sit with your free market principles? I mean, I hate commercialised music, but then I’m broadly anti-capitalist, whereas I would have thought a liberal like you would expect the market to produce superior music.

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