Reading theory

They’re not going to teach critical literacy in Queensland high schools anymore! Damn, wish I could have stayed around for this. Something somewhat related I came across: Smoe polepe thnik taht wehn we raed, wr’ee not atcaluly sieneg the invdiiaudl lteters of the wrod, but rhetar the wrod as a wolhe. So lnog as the fsrit and lsat leettrs of the wrod are wehre teyr’he spupsoe to be, the rset deson’t mteatr. Waht do you rceokn?


5 Responses to Reading theory

  1. XmarkX says:

    well, I was able to read that paragraph with near-perfect ease, which in itself demonstrates the correctness of its premise. This is a well-known phenomenon in any case – people read words of alphabetic scripts the same way people read pictograms.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Yeah, although it obviously wouldn’t work unless you place the word in a context.

    For example, ‘selivr’ by itself can either be silver or sliver, but if I say ‘he won the selivr maedl’, then the word becomes obvious.

  3. XmarkX says:

    what’s your gripe with the critical literacy? did you have to take it yourself? my guess is that, given how badly most of these ideas are taught at uni, they must have been heavily travestied in Queensland high schools.

  4. Jimmy says:

    I actually didn’t mind critical literacy when I went through it, although in hindsight, I don’t think it’s the best place for that kind of stuff. Do it at uni if that’s what turns you on.

    High school English should be about learning the English language, not postmodernist mumbo jumbo, especially when many kids my age are still making simple grammatical errors placing commas or when to use there/their/they’re etc.

    Plus, one of the best ways of destroying a child’s love of literature is to force it down his/her throat.

  5. XmarkX says:

    quite. I can’t see how you could understand postmodernism without getting up to speed with modernity first. In fact, I think I’ll blog about it.

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