Always bat first

Cricket tragic I may be, I’ve always believed that the team winning the toss should always bat first, no matter how bad the pitch conditions may be, in the hope that the opposition will have to chase a reasonable total in the 4th innings on an uneven and turning 4th/5th day wicket (there’s a very good reason why teams rarely score over 300 runs in the final innings). On a side note, had Ricky Ponting sent England in in the previous two tests (on very good batting surfaces too), the results could’ve been a lot different. I’d be very interested to see if anyone’s actually sorted through the stats, and if the team which wins the toss and chooses to bat actually does or does not win more often. Of course, you would have to also take into account the relative strengths and weaknesses of both sides – Bangladesh is never going to beat Australia in a test batting first or second. Hell, if I have any time this weekend, might even do it myself.


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