A new team to call their own

Brisbane-ites know a sporting bandwagon when they see one. Back in the 80s, it was Leyroy Loggins and the Bullets carving it up at Boondall. The early 90s saw the rise of the Broncos as yuppies flocked to ANZ Stadium. Then for a relatively short period in the late 90s came the Queensland Reds. The Queensland Bulls have always been successful, but no one really took notice. Most recently, it’s been the Brisbane Lions that have galvanised the Brisbane sporting public, with three consecutive AFL Flags from 2001-2003.

Now that the Lions have become shit, the Broncos can’t seem to play when it matters let alone having a dozen top players injured, the people realising that the Reds were always shit, and no one knowing anything about the Bullets anymore, the time is nigh for new bandwagon the Brisbane public have been craving to jump on.

Of course, I’m talking about the Hyundai A-League which kicked off during the weekend. Over 20,000 people saw Queensland Roar (the worst name for a soccer club in history) defeat the New Zealand Knights 2-zip. I’ll definitely be attending a few more matches as the season progresses. Hell, I’ve even bought a jersey already.

Of course, all this will likely come to nothing if Australia fails to qualify for next year’s World Cup, and we Brisbane-ians have to find another sport to make ourselves feel important. Table tennis, anyone?


3 Responses to A new team to call their own

  1. Wayland says:

    Jimmy, I think you need to work out a proper term for the people of Brisbane before you can really start getting onto bandwagons.

    The Lions will roar back! I know they will I just know they will! Just wait till next year, when the veterans will be fit and the young ones will be ready for the big league…

  2. Jimmy says:

    Hehe, good point. I was making a conscious effort to avoid using Bris-vegans as a name for Brisbane people. Whoever first started using ‘Brisvegas’ as a substitute for ‘Brisbane’ should be shot.

    Brisbane-ites/Brisbane-ians aren’ that bad sounding are they?

    As for the Lions? Doubt their youngsters will be able to do anything spectacular any time soon. The way the whole AFL draft works, is that the shittiest teams get to pick the best up-and-comers, while good teams like Brisbane are left with the worst.

    But hey, prove me wrong!

  3. Wayland says:

    Although the draft favours the shittier teams, the way of AFL is such that really promising youngsters from the national draft often don’t end up improving a whole lot, whereas many of today’s top players were once quite low down the draft list. Take James Hird for example, great player but he was taken at something like 80 in his year’s draft pick. Go figure.

    Brisbane won’t get the worst of the pick, but they also wouldn’t get any immediate stars. Oh well, we’ve still got the Fab 5 (plus one, seeing as Jonathan Brown is awesome as well).

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