Bleak future for the Liberals

John Brogden, next time you try to commit suicide, it works better if you slit your wrist in the direction parallel to the arm, not perpendicular to it. Hell, with all your fuckups so far you may as well do something right. Sorry, that probably wasn’t in very good taste. It is a shame to see a small-l-liberal in Brogden being driven out of the Liberal party by the conservative ideologues like Young Libs President Alex Hawke. The infamous incident when Brogden pinched a journo on the arse and made the ‘mail order bride’ comment only became news after Brogden’s enemies within the Liberal Party found a willing journalist to air the damaging claims. Apparently Alex Hawke wouldn’t shut up about the incident, and told ‘anyone who would listen‘. This isn’t the first time Alex Hawke has tried to undermine moderates within the Liberal Party. A few months ago, he said that Liberals who “stand for compulsory student unionism, drug-injecting rooms and lowering the [homosexual] age of consent” should go to “the Greens, Labor or the Democrats.” It would be a great shame for the Liberal Party if ideologues like Hawke represents its future.


4 Responses to Bleak future for the Liberals

  1. The magazine “The Monthly” had a great article on the Young Liberals and Alex Hawke a couple of months ago.

    I think there are dangers to anyone who puts ideology ahead of decent human principles. Irrespective of whether they are left/right Labor/Liberal etc.

    Although I am strongly Labor, I do have a vague soft spot for the small-l Liberals. I have a number of friends and family in this category. They are reasonable enough to deal with on a day to day basis, even if their politics is still poor 🙂


  2. Jimmy says:

    Yes, that was a great article – Contained a lot of dirt that’s just waiting to be dug up if any of them get to run for higher office.

    You’ve probably heard – Qld Young Libs President Mark Powell, who, if I remember, made some homophobic remarks in that article, was recently preselected as the Libs’ number three for the Senate in 2007. The guy’s banned from the NUS for yelling out ‘white power’ at a conference a few years ago.

    Man, what the hell were they thinking!?

  3. XmarkX says:

    I’d like to say that I don’t think your joke was in poor taste – I think it’s important to keep lampooning people no matter how self-pitying they become.

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