Separated at birth?

I’ve been inclined to agree with most of the things Mark Latham has said about the ALP since retiring. Though it does make you wonder what type of Prime Minister he would’ve been… Update: Latham interview with Andrew Denton didn’t go to air tonight because of a ‘legal injunction’, according to the ABC voiceover. I guess Beazley’s not a happy camper. Update 2: Damn. Turns out the injunction was filed by News Limited. Nothing to do with defamation. Party-poopers.


3 Responses to Separated at birth?

  1. Wayland says:

    Well, at least Latham isn’t so ball-less anymore and has decided to take on his old party.

    I haven’t read his book, so could you fill me in on why he hates the ALP so much now?

    And where is Simon Crean these days?

  2. A lot of Latham’s grievances are problems with politics on the whole. Power struggles, individuals that see power as an end in itself and that sort of thing, exist in politics of all colours. Reading Latham’s diaries reveals a man with some significant baggage, a silly tendency towards hating, but also a man with some good idea’s. Some of his criticisms are notable. Some are rubbish.

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