Barry Hall

I’ve pretty much stopped following the AFL since that um local team (Lions was it?) became shithouse. Which I guess means I was never a real fan, rather one of those who hopped onto the bandwagon only to hop off again when the wheels started coming off. Hey, I admit it. I’ve never really liked that game you southerners play until we got good at it. But the whole Barry Hall thing did catch my attention. What the fuck was up with that? There is no question the Sydney player decided to give one to the stomach of St Kilda’s Matt Maguire. But Barry Hall escaped suspension because the incident occurred ‘in play’. I don’t know the rules exactly, but is punching a bloke in the stomach legal, so long as it’s ‘in play’? If so, then perhaps more teams should take advantage of this, and then we’d have a contest! If the incident happened during a game of soccer or basketball, the offender probably would’ve been suspended for at least half a season along with a hefty fine, not to mention being sent off. Sure, some say that Aussie Rules is a real man’s game, unlike pansy sports like soccer. But surely you must draw the line between being tough and manly, and being stupid, cowardly, and a bad sport, which was exactly opitimised by Barry Hall. Speaking of soccer, I’ll be heading out to the Queensland Roar vs Dwight Yo… I mean, Sydney FC game tomorrow night. Should be good fun. Now that’s a great bandwagon to be on.


3 Responses to Barry Hall

  1. Wayland says:

    Yes, almost everyone I know, even Sydney supporters, agree that big ol’ Bazza shouldn’t have gotten off like he did.

    But, the AFL umpires never quite got along with Barry Hall, and considering many of the poor decisions they’ve made, it’s probably unsurprising that they should make a “mistake” in letting him off. They probably feel a bit guilty about that whole Sydney vs. West coast in the quarter finals.

    Also, you must remember that AFL is a profit organisation, and without Barry Hall, the game would probably be less entertaining.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Heh, fair point, but do you really think the AFL will find trouble selling tickets/attracting sponsorship for the Grand Final if Barry Hall is not playing :p ?

  3. mark says:

    good point – I think hitting someone in AFL is entirely comparable with the same thing in a non-contact sport.


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