Stupid Australians

One doesn’t have to wander far to know why Nguyen Tuong Van is hardly a household name in the country, despite having spent the last three years on death row in Singapore for drug possession.

Nguyen Tuong Van is neither white, nor has any tits, which of course means he’s of no interest to the mainstream-tabloid-reading Australian public, and is probably guilty anyway. Plus, ‘Our Tuong Van’ just doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well as ‘Our Schapelle’.


2 Responses to Stupid Australians

  1. Mark says:

    this is all true – it should probably also be said that he got caught trafficking smack, which people do look down on a lot more than a bag of puff, and moreover got caught trying to bring it into Australia not into Asia.

  2. Wayland says:

    Not to mention he probably didn’t break down in a river of tears at his trial.

    Now just how are we meant to make a movie about that? Where’s the drama? Where’re the depressive scenes that’ll make stone-men weep like small children? Unlike Our Schapelle! Now there’s a sad-case we can make a movie out of.


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