It’s been a while…

April 4, 2006

…since I've blogged. Not that many people seemed to notice. It wasn't exactly a conscious decision I made to stop blogging, rather I just kept putting it off and then just forgot about it altogether.

I guess working pretty much full-time and completing a traineeship during the holidays didn't help, along with the fact that I've also seemed to develop something resembling that of a life during this time. So blogging was always gonna take a break.

But now that uni's back in full swing and as the procrastination and boredom which originally prompted me to start blogging sets in again, I suppose I might give (semi-regular) blogging another go. Also nods to Lee and his comment which reminded me that I once had a blog.

Let's see how long before I give it up this time round…


Hello WordPress

October 19, 2005

Let’s see how this goes.

Initial reactions, and comparisons with Blogger:

Pros –

  • Good, clean interface
  • Able to import posts from Blogger
  • Categories! Yes, Categories! Ah… I’ll get over it…
  • Can create sub-pages

Cons –

  • Can’t really edit or create your own template in any great way like you can with Blogger (hopefully this will change soon)

More to come for sure, as I try and figure the nuts and bolts of this.

Some good news from the UK

October 17, 2005

About bloody time.

Evangelical students

August 18, 2005

Fellow University of Queensland students may have noticed the ‘Student Life Survey – Win a plasma TV’ link when they logged on to my.UQ during the past week or so. Links on the my.UQ site are usually reserved for news such as when fees are due or exam timetables, but obviously not this time. Student Life is one of the many evangelical students’ clubs on campus (off the top off my head, I can think of four others, plus that wierd dude who gives sermons on the Great Court every Friday) whose goal is to spread the word of God on campus. They hand out leaflets, pin posters, leave pamphlets on tables, chalk footpaths, and most recently, got the UQ admin to give their survey a free plug on my.UQ. This survey worries me. I’m not just talking about the fact UQ condoned such a survey made by an evangelical students’ group (I’ll get on to that later), but what struck me first was the complete bullshited-ness of the survey questions. Have a look at them yourself. Such gems include:

If you could ask God one question, what would it be? How did we get here? Do you believe Jesus Christ is relevant in answering these questions? Why?

And my favourite:


If you could have a personal relationship with God, would you want to? Why / Why not?

Did it not occur to Student Life that a significant number of people find the idea of a higher order deity absurd? Or even that some may find the questions offensive? I would like to see how they would react to a survey which asks them for their thoughts on the role of Mohammed in their lives, or which animal they think they’ll be reincarnated as. Of course, you do expect this kind of crap from an evangelical group. But for the University of Queensland to endorse and promote such a club and their survey is pretty disturbing.

Although, the prospect of winning a plasma tv is tempting, even if it does mean lying a bit.

Update: It seems I wasn’t the only one not very happy with UQ; they have since taken the link down.

What makes a good blog?

August 14, 2005

First read this a while ago, came across it again recently. Should be compulsory reading for all bloggers. Then maybe we’d have less self-indulging, emotionally-insecure teenagers blogging about why they’re bored and other tripe. You know who you are!

…remember: nobody cares which N*Sync member you are, what State you are, which Party of Five kid you are, or which Weezer song you are. the second you put one of those things on your blog you need to delete your blog and try out for the marching band. similarilly, nobody gives a shit what the weather is like in your town, nobody wants you to change their cursor into a butterfly, nobody wants to vote on whether your blog is hot or not, and nobody gives a rat ass what song youre listening to. write something Real for you, about you, every day…

So true. So very very true. The author also won a Bloggie (the blogging industry’s night of nights, apparently) for this effort.

Reading theory

August 8, 2005

They’re not going to teach critical literacy in Queensland high schools anymore! Damn, wish I could have stayed around for this. Something somewhat related I came across: Smoe polepe thnik taht wehn we raed, wr’ee not atcaluly sieneg the invdiiaudl lteters of the wrod, but rhetar the wrod as a wolhe. So lnog as the fsrit and lsat leettrs of the wrod are wehre teyr’he spupsoe to be, the rset deson’t mteatr. Waht do you rceokn?

The day the music died

August 6, 2005

A few months ago, I nearly spewed when I heard that Crazy Frog Axel F had reached no.1 in the UK Singles Chart. I hoped that this would never happen in Australia. Even when it did happen last week, I hoped that it would just be a passing fad. Alas, Crazy Frog is currently sitting on top of the ARIA Singles charts for the second consecutive week, and sales are going strong as ever. And along with that, I may have finally lost hope. I guess you could say that popular music has been dying for the better part of a decade now. Even so, Crazy Frog deserves credit for single handedly destroying what little credibility pop music ever had left. Make no mistake, Crazy Frog is not on par with your typical commercialised manufactured crap. It’s not even below commercialised manufactured crap. To even mention Crazy Frog and commercialised manufactured crap in the same sentence is an insult to all the hard-working decent-looking commercialised manufactured craps of the world. It’s all over people! We don’t have a prayer!